Actualización del Modelo EU-Hydro/EUDEM – INDRA/ European Environment Agency

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EU-Hydro/EUDEM – Actualización del Modelo y carrografía para la «European Environment Agency» en colaboración con INDRA

Cliente: European Environment Agency colaboración INDRA

  • Correcting geopositioning issues.
  • New data for EU-DEM North of 60˚N – the major upgrade task.
  • Ensuring consistency with EU-Hydro i.e. coastline and water bodies.
  • ICESat bias adjustment – from the statistical validation follows that the bias seems to be highest in the regions where the control points for EU-DEM vertical adjustment was not available i.e. UK and Nordic countries (excl. Denmark) and most of Eastern Europe (cf. page 36 in GSGRDA-PR-021 EU-DEM/EU-Hydro technical documentation). Thus a vertical control with ICESat in these part could make sense.
  • Screening for artefacts.
  • Improved hydro-forcing to produce better river network topology.
  • Taking stock for further improvement of EU-DEM south of 60˚N by ingesting SRTM new version in EU-DEM.
  • Superficie: EUROPA