100.000km LiDAR power lines & vegetation management | Australia | 2017-12

LiDAR Mapping, Power lines
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Distribution and transmission power line network maintenance in Australia

DIELMO3D & Hawcs working together in LiDAR projects for power lines & vegetation management in Australia ( 15.000km in 2017)

Since 2012, the team formed by DIELMO3D & Hawcs is responsible to run the analysis and management of thousands of km of transmission and distribution lines in Australia (+100.000 since 2012). Year after year, the goal is to detect and report risk areas and to evaluate their maintenance and evolution over the years; as well as to design and set accurate action plans on the network.

2017/2012 – 100.000km

DIELMO3D was in charge of running LiDAR data analysis for power lines & vegetation management of thousands of power line network per week to find sensible areas (offending vegetation detection, encroachments, safety distances or tree fall risk among others).

Thanks to the high quality of the LiDAR data survey done by Hawcs; it is possible to run detailed analysis of potential risk areas. Once risk parameters and client’s needs are set, DIELMO3D will adapt algorithms and optimize its internal methodology and workflow to obtain exactly the result required.

Main products and solutions

  • LiDAR classification of the network and its environment (infrastructures, buildings, forest areas, etc)
  • Tree fall risk analysis
  • Vegetation management and encroachments at different risk levels
  • Clearance distances to ground and objects
  • Custom & ONLINE reports (see GeoLinks)for risk areas
  • Quality Control

Looking to the future: Geoportals & custom reports with online access to LiDAR, GIS and imagery.

In addition to power lines & vegetation management services, DIELMO3D provides custom reports. These reports are automatically generated for each span or sensible area. Custom geoportals can also be created for our clients, allowing them to display their entire network, visualize pointclouds on 3D or do measurements or data downloads among others.

Thanks to the work accomplished, data collection and online hosting during the 5 years of the project, all the results are accessible in a single platform. It means the clients can always access to and display any dataset of each year, download or compare the evolution of the same area over the years.

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