MDT DRONE TV | Digital Elevation Models for commercials | UK | 2017

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Drone DTM for virtual reality & TV

Digital Terrain Model – High resolution Drone DTM for animation and video commercials

Digital Terrain Model generation for Electric Theatre Collective, animation studio located in UK and USA.

The goal of this project was to design a 3D Terrain Model, based in photogrammetry, of the “mines of Rio Tinto” in Spain. This Digital Terrain Model will be later included in a promotional video for HONDA by the company Electric Theatre.


For this project, the most important was to provide the best solution according to the client’s needs.

After evaluating all the options available in the market (LiDAR acquisitions on helicopters, planes, LiDAR on drones or UAV photogrammetry); but also the project requirements and the Area of Study, the client decided to choose the option of a UAV photogrammetry work

The result obtained, as you can see on the video, is a Digital Terrain Model, very useful for this kind of works.

Our goal is to always provide the best solution in terms of availability, quality and cost for each project. But, more important than this is to use our knowledge and experience in the market to advise companies and help them find the best solution according to their needs; specially for those companies who need mapping services only from time to time.

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