LiDAR UAV mapping for utilities | ENEDIS | France | 2018

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About This Project
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Custom platform and solutions from LiDAR UAV mapping for utilities

Pilot project for ENEDIS (France). LiDAR UAV custom solutions and  developments for distribution lines management and network update.

DIELMO3D, in collaboration with YellowScan, E-Copter and Product-Air, runs a full analysis of strategic ENEDIS network locations for maintenance applications using LiDAR & UAV technologies.


The investment in power line maintenance for companies like ENEDIS is huge and involves a high level of responsability. Thanks to end-to-end solution like these, power utility companies can finally get the most out of their network and available information, gaining in flexibility, decision making and future planning.

The combination of a powerful technology (LiDAR), unmanned vehicles (Drone) and an expert technical team in LiDAR data processing and software development allows to generate 100% custom solutions to solve their needs.

Cutting-edge analysis and powerful results for network maintenance

  • 99% accuracy in vegetation encroachment detection
  • Custom vegetation reports and cross-sections for each span
  • Priority areas detection(U0,U1,U2,U3)
  • Clearance distances detection
  • Custom platform for results update
  • High quality data analysis


  • To simplify the daily work of big companies needing to access their geo-databases and information remotely.
  • To estimate with higher accuracy the real situation of our client’s network in order to provide accurate answers to their daily problems (maintenance, tree trimming, risks, etc.)
  • To make information accessible and useful for any worker, teammate or decision maker.

Looking to the Future: Management platforms Online

DIELMO3D, in collaboration with YellowScan, E-Copter and Product-Air, presents a pilot project of a GIS Web & LiDAR solution for ENEDIS. This plaform allows to access all the results obtained for their network (infrastructures, risk areas, codes, towers, areas) as well as the visualization and online access of LiDAR & GIS data in 2D and 3D (3D point cloud viewer, measurements, downloads, reports, etc.)