LiDAR UAV USA project – Utility mapping services for drones | 2018

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Utility mapping services for LiDAR UAV – USA, 2018

LiDAR mapping services, PLS-CADD modelling, vegetation encroachments and clearance distances following (NERC) “Reliability Standard FAC-003”

250 miles of transmission and distribution analysis for power line maintenance and 3D modelling in the United States.


Project carried out by a local LiDAR UAV USA company during 2017 and beginning of 2018

3D modelling, risk analysis of transmission and distribution networks from UAV LiDAR & imagery. DIELMO3D has carried a full analysis of the network to identify and estimate safety risks in distribution and transmission networks. By providing these results, the client will be able to plan future actions on the network based on the real situation of its network according to FAC-003 Standards.


Main products obtained for this LiDAR UAV USA mapping project:

  • Update of existing GIS network
  • 3D modelling
  • LiDAR classification (including voltages and risks)
  • Vegetation encroachments
  • Tree fall risk
  • Safety distances
  • PLS-CADD modelling; wind and temperature conditions
  • Custom reports

Results were provided in the required format. Reports were customized to allow online access to GIS and LiDAR information, thanks to DIELMO’s LiDAR cloud technology.

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