LiDAR 3D utility mapping for PLS-CADD modelling | France | 2017

LiDAR Mapping, Power lines
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LiDAR 3D utility mapping – FRANCE

1200km high level LiDAR classification and 3D network design for transmission / high voltage network

Dielmo3D has completed several LiDAR 3D utility mapping projects for PLS-CADD modelling and maintenance in Europe. 1200km of imagery and point cloud data have been used to create accurate models and obtain valuable information.

2017 – 1200Km

LiDAR 3D utility mapping project, consisting of LiDAR classification, 3D network design (high voltage/ transmission network), 2D planimetry and soil cover within the buffer or area of interest (between 70 and 200m width).

Using helicopter LiDAR data & imagery, the goal is to identify all the elements of the network and to create a full 3D cartography of the infrastructure and its environment to be used in further analysis.

These end-to-end solutions provide engineering companies with a perfect basis to start evaluating the real situation of their network, as well as to simulate and plan future actions to be taken.

Main products

  • High detail LiDAR classification of the main network & other lines (voltages, towers, crossing, attachment points, etc.)
  • High level network’s environment mapping & classification (walls, fences, chimneys, anthens, street lamps, urban furniture, etc.)
  • Vectors and 3D modelling of the line of study and its secondary lines (crossing and parallel) for its implementation in PLS-CADD
  • 2D planimetry of the AOI
  • Soil cover
  • Quality Control


The result is an accurate, detailed and high quality study, extremely useful and highly demanded by the most important utilities in Europe and USA.