Highly accurate LiDAR DEM for flood modelling | Asia | 2017

Hidrology, LiDAR Mapping
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Accurate LiDAR DEM for flood modelling – Asia

Highly accurate LiDAR data processing & Digital Elevation Models generation for flood modelling in Asia

LiDAR data edition, classification and QC to create a high resolution Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for a flood modelling study in Asia (15.000Ha.)

Helicopter LiDAR aquisition with more than 50p/sqm


Flood modelling analysis require excelent Digital Elevation Models (DEM)to provide reliable results. The accuracy of high density LiDAR provides valuable information, but this value can be wasted unless an expert works on it. Detecting issues, terrain variations detection, riverbed correction or vegetation “cleaning” are just some task that only a “keen eye” can do with quality guarantee.

From LiDAR data & imagery obtained from an helicopter, the goal is to identify any existing feature on the field and to know the real situation of the area.

The result is a high quality Digital Terrain Model optimized for flood modelling studies. A good DEM or Digital Elevation Model is always the result of a detailed and high quality work and accuracy; the only reliable product to estimate the interaction between the water and the area of study.

LiDAR DTM hydro Malaysia project
  • LiDAR ground classification and features cleaning
  • High detailed edition on sensible areas
  • Quality control
  • DTM generation and other products (DTM with and without bridges; buildings, etc.)


From its beginning, DIELMO3D works with LiDAR data to generate Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM) to be implemented into flood modelling studies. We create new algorithms to “smooth” contour lines, to correct riverbeds, clean vegetation and to find data gaps in water areas to avoid errors.

Avoiding surprises! The goal of solutions and models like the one created for this project is to avoid “surprises” to companies and groups in charge of infrastructure maintenance or risk analysis. The accuracy provided by LiDAR data allows to design and plan with high detail the environment where the company will be working during months/years on the field.

Each centimeter matters! The experience and quality of our teams allow us to design accurate & complex Digital Terrain Models in 3D. Moreover, to be owners of our own LiDAR processing software allows Dielmo3D to customize and adapt any algorithm and workflow to each situation and client at very competitive rates.