Cartography 1:500 ,1:1000 and Orthophotos 10cm- Altea

Cartography and photogrammetry, Orthophotos, Photogrammetry
About This Project
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Generation of precision cartography de precisión of urban soil and urban land on a scale 1:1000 and 1:500.

Client: Altea City Council

  • Orthophotos generation in 10cm of TM.
  • To provide the Altea municipal area of a new infrastructure of digital cartographic information in terms of urban land and building land, consisting  of a digital cartography obtained by  restitution and the support of whole fieldwork needed, with an accuracy of 1/500 for urban land and 1/1000 for building land.
  • To get an appropiate structure of all information to allowed it future integration in a SIG on a municipal level, as well as update procedures.
  • Surface: 1500 Ha.
  • Country: España.