3D Road modelling LiDAR mobile | Switzerland | 2017

Cartography and photogrammetry, Corridor Mapping, LiDAR Mapping
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3D Road modelling LiDAR mobile

3D vectorization of bridges and roads ( 2cm accuracy) – LiDAR mobile

2cm accuracy project of 3D Road modelling LiDAR mobile. The goal of this project is to design existing features on bridges and roads and to create a 3D model of the infrastructure.


From LiDAR Mobile, the goal was to design in 3 dimensions the existing infrastructures for further engineering projects. Identification of slopes, bridges, pillars, road axis or road features among others.

Results as the one provided in this project provide engineering with a high detail product to evaluate the real situation of their project as well as simulate and identify potential scenarios about the infrastructures.

  • 3D briges
  • Road axis
  • Road features
  • Slopes
  • Walls
  • Pillars
  • Railways
  • Street lights, fences…

Results are provided in vector format / CAD

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