LiDAR Mapping

Innovative Geospatial solutions and LiDAR applications

Airborne LiDAR

Drone/ UAV LiDAR

LiDAR Mobile

Archived LiDAR

Custom A to Z LiDAR mapping services for any acquisition companies and service providers (Drones, airplanes, helicopters, mobile).

Thanks to our exclusive internal software we can provide custom services to any budget and requirement.

LiDAR data processing

High accurate “Basic” LiDAR mapping services. Digital Elevation Models (DEM), Elevation Maps, point cloud classification, contour lines generation among other LiDAR data processing services.

LiDAR Utility Mapping

+ 100000 km of experience in utility mapping services and Power Lines Maintenance (transmission & distribution). Vegetation encroachment analysis, clearance distances, 3D network modelling & PLS-CADD.

Flood Modelling LiDAR

Highly accurate Digital Elevation Models (DEM), flood maps, riverbed correction and other exclusive serviecs for hydrology and LiDAR bathymetry.

Corridor Mapping

Exclusive corridor mapping solutions using LiDAR data for infrastructure and network management (utilities, railway, roads, oil and gas, etc.).

LiDAR Road Mapping

Road safety analysis and infrastructure maintenance using both airborne and mobile LiDAR data. High acurate geometry analysis, real sight distances and inventories for road maintenance.

LiDAR forestry

Forestry applications and new algorithms development. Optimised algorithms for large coverages and low point density datasets (public/available data).

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