LiDAR data processing “basics”

DEM, elevation maps, contour lines generation and more lidar data processing services

DIELMO3D offers a wide range of LiDAR data processing services, from “LiDAR Basics” such as Digital Elevation Models or contour lines, to advanced geospatial analysis and custom LiDAR mapping solutions. We are constantly working on new algorithms and geospatial innovations to always offer the best solution to our clients.

Our exclusive methodology based in interpolation methods together with our customized developments allow us to offer leading global products which reduce costs and delivery times.

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance of the original data.
  • LiDAR pointcloud classification.
  • Elevation Models (DEM, DTM and DSM)
  • High detailed 3D Cartography 3D and 2D mapping at different levels.
  • Smooth Contour Lines generation at different levels.
  • Key features vectorisation and analysis (bridges, buildings, etc.)
  • GIS Web Services.
  • Advanced LiDAR Mapping services (utilities, hydraulics, corridor mapping)

High accurate LiDAR mapping services

LiDAR Mapping and survey from airborne, UAV Drone and mobile.

High expertise in LiDAR data processing  and mapping products generation: From “basic” DEM (DTM and DSM) generation or contour lines; to custom cartographic services and advanced analysis using data ( LiDAR, imagery) obtained from any platform or sensor (helicopter, plane, mobile mapping or UAV drones)

Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

Digital Terrain Model (MDT) and Surface Model (DSM) generation from LiDAR & photogrammetry.

DIELMO3D offers a wide range of  “basics” LiDAR data processing. Among them, the most requested products are the Digital Elevation Models (DEM). Depending on the original raw data (new data acquisition or existing archived data), we generate high accurate DTM and DSM 3D models at different resolutions. Thanks to our exclusive interpolation method, me guarantee highest quality and accuracy.

  • High accuracy LiDAR DTM
  • High accuracy LiDAR DSM
  • DTM from 1:25.000 cartography at 5m and 10 m accuracy
  • DTM+ buildings


Exclusive Interpolation method for Digital Elevation Models generation (DEM)

To obtain the best possible accuracy in 3D models, both original raw data quality and LiDAR data processing methodology are important. Our exclusive interpolation method guarantees the use of the original data accuracy obtained by the sensor, interpolating only the points where there is no data.

In the image we can see how, to represent water bodies in the most realistic way, DIELMO3D classifies and interpolates them separately, avoiding potential errors on riverbeds.

  • Original RAW data is never modified
  • Avoids errors and problems in complex areas

LiDAR data processing

Custom LiDAR point cloud classification

Fully customised LiDAR classification services: From ground vs non ground to the most complex classification and analysis our specialised algorithms and processing will give you better results. We have customised algorithms for bathymetry and coastline analysis, and for utility mapping. We also offer high detail classification, such as filtering for antennas and chimneys , or for forest species or power line network editing at different voltages.

  • LiDAR classification por power line networks
  • LiDAR classification for corridor mapping
  • Hydrology and riverbed LiDAR filtering
  • Road safety and inventories point cloud classification
  • LiDAR forestry
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