LiDAR Cloud

Your LiDAR server technology to share and access huge pointcloud datasets remotely on the web

Remote access to LIDAR Online & RASTER data

OGC Standards compatible (WMS)

Online LiDAR visualization with no limits

LIDAR ToolBox (3D viewer, profiles and download)

The technology


Dielmo Server Technology allows to host unlimited amounts of GIS and LiDAR data on safe Web servers to make any dataset ( LiDAR, Raster, vector, files, etc.) available online.


  • DielmoServerTechnology for LiDAR & Raster– Web Mapping service technology for LiDAR and Raster data. Includes LiDAR online viewer capabilities, LiDAR tools, LiDAr download, cloud storage and online point cloud visualization in 2D and 3D among others.
  • DielmoFilesServer– Server for geolocated files. Allows to host and serve any information for any user can download LiDAR, imagery, documents and files

LiDAR Online visualization

LiDAR Online visualization together with other GIS data through OGC services.

LiDAR ToolBox

Work online with your own LiDAR data thanks to LiDAR ToolBoX

GeoLinks LiDAR Cloud

Your LiDAR data accesible and “downloadable” by links anywhere.

LiDAR Cloud Geoservices

Advanced tools and customized developments to build new GIS Web Services and platforms.

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