GEOportal & Web GIS

Web GIS Solutions and LiDAR Cloud just one click away

We combine our experience in GIS online and knowledge of the latest technologies and trends Web GIS and Cloud of market to create their our GeoPortal or customised GIS portal at very competitive fares.

LiDAR Online Access & Visualization

Vector Web Mapping (WFS/WMS)

Imagery & RASTER (WMS)

Files & downloads

  • Personalized Geoportal for Internet and Intranet.
  • Web GIS Tools and custom development.
  • Standards OGC (WMS, WFS) for cartography and GIS online
  • GEOportal is compatible with LiDAR Cloud and LiDAR ToolBox.
  • Remote access to its Interactive Database.
  • GIS data search, 2D/3D view and download.
  • Secure publishing data cloud en la nube and content manager
  • User administration, roles and access.

Queries and direct search on your Webportal

All your Web GIS at one click distance


The best GIS experience at level user


Acces to online LiDAR datasets. Point cloud 3D visualization, measurements and downloads.

GIS Content Manager

Manage and update your Spatial Data Infraestructure anytime (IDE)

Admin platform

Host your data into safe environments. Build roles, different levels of access and users for your online data.

Custom developments

New algorithms and tools development.

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