Geobusiness 2018 | Events

Geobusiness 2018 | Events


Meet Dielmo3D at the largest geospatial show in the UK

Join 3,000+ international visitors at Geobusiness 2018, the largest geospatial show in the UK! Hear from industry experts presenting and debating the latest in the industry, explore an exhibition of 200+ leading geospatial companies, attend back-to-back seminars and commercial workshops and a variety of innovative social activities… and meet DIELMO3D!

22-23 May, London, UK



Attending GeoBusiness show?

Want to know more about leading custom LiDAR solutions at GeoBusiness show? Let’s set up a meeting!

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Custom & accurate Mapping solutions for LiDAR data surveyors worldwide

#1 case of success:

100% custom LiDAR utility mapping solutions

DIELMO 3D provides sophisticated and highly accurate power line mapping products and corridor mapping solutions for the electricity industry both for distribution and transmission power lines. We are a specialized LiDAR analysis company with more than 120.000 km of experience in LiDAR processing for power lines, offending vegetation detection and PLS-CADD modelling among others.

Through our extensive experience, we have developed our own processing and QA software to provide you better and faster results for projects as new power lines network design, grid maintenance, offending vegetation detection or PLS-CADD modelling among others

Looking forward to meeting you at GEOBusiness show


Dielmo3D is looking forward to connecting with other businesses and building relationships within the utilities community as well as seeing old friends from past conferences.

If you plan on coming to the event, please email us at to arrange an appointment for a face-to-face meeting… We would love to meet you! 

We look forward to seeing you in London!!