DIELMO3D is one of the main providers to the geographical information in Spain, providing from initial data capture to innovative technology development for it processing. Also, we offer one of the largest innovative products and services pertaining to geographic data, key concepts in the age of geoinformation and new TICs.


Since 2003 until now, DIELMO (DIgital ELevation MOdels) has opted for the use of the most advanced techniques to offer an ample range of products and services related with Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and remote sensing, focusing many of its resources on research projects have eventually resulted in improved technology in production, quality control and geographic data distribution.


In Spain: From its beginning, DIELMO3D it has been characterized for being one of the most pioneering companies in the digital cartography, DEM, processing of LiDAR data and generation of 3D visualization in Spain, providing total solutions for geographical information.


International: DIELMO3D is involved in several international projects connected to generation of high definition mapping products based on LiDAR technology, creation of Web portals and GIS solutions. In addition, we participated every year in major trade fairs  about mapping and LiDAR technology around the world (INTERGEO, International/European LiDAR Mapping Forum, GeoBusiness, etc.).


We are currently expanding internationally to share our technology with the rest of world. Thus, creating trade links to any business regardless of their location. Consult our International Distributor listing.


We have officially been given the certification of standards for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. The certifications, developed by the International Organization for Standardization, are given only to businesses that ensure their product is of excellent quality. Dielmo efficiently and effectively plans and processes, implements new features, monitors our results, and makes continuous improvements enabling our product to have the highest quality.



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