Corridor mapping

Utility and rail corridor mapping and maintenance with LiDAR data

Exclusive corridor mapping solutions using LiDAR data for infrastructure and network management (utilities, railway, roads, oil and gas, etc.). DIELMO3D offers you A to Z services, advicing you on which technology is best (LiDAR and/or photogrammetry), which platform should be used (Drones, airplanes, helicopters, mobile) and geospatial solutions to be obtained depending on your budget and requirements.

With more than 100.000 km of experience in corridor mapping projects, we leverage extensive experience for you in your project. DIELMO 3D assures you the best quality and accuracy for the creation of any specific geospatial product required.

  • Geometry and Vectorization
  • Screening and Risk assessment
  • Maintenance studies (vegetation, HR images)
  • Calculation of safe distances
  • Rating and filtering of the Point Cloud generated by LiDAR
  • 3D Modeling and Simulation
  • Creation of interactive dossiers (GEO-links)

Risk and network management for corridor mapping

Detection levels of risk and priorities for action in lineal infrastructures with LiDAR data and images.

LiDAR data allows to generate highly accurate 3D models for corridor mapping but also for potential risk analysis and vegetation encroachment analysis. Our 100% customizable software allows us to run specific analysis using different safety parameters for each voltage, span, pole or tower. The results of these analysis become a key information for utilities, as it will allow them to manage and plan the manteinance of their network at different levels and prioritize their next steps.

From the combination of LiDAR data with our custom algorithms we can obtain safety distances from each feature of the network (poles, wires, towers, span) to any existing element within the Area of Interest (buildings, other wires, ground, roads, etc). The results from these analysis will help utilities to check if the safety distances required are being respected or violated, as well as to set different levels of infringements for further actions on the network. All this analysis can be adapted and customized depending on final client’s requirements and goals.

3D Modelling and Geometry. PLS-CADD

Design and 2D / 3D Modelling both for existing and new networks.

The optimal combination of LiDAR data and fieldwork allows providing ultimate and utility mapping services, as well as decreasing drastically the costs of traditional electrical grid design, network maintenance and inspection services. By designing the electrical network in 2D and 3D from LIDAR and Imagery (both for transmission lines and distribution lines), we provide our clients with accurate 2D and 3D power line models at a very efficient cost.

PLS-CADD Modelling for corridor mapping

PLS-CADD software allows to model on 3D, run analysis and simulations on power networks for different weather conditions, materials of the conductors, etc. Once the utility network has been coded, modelled and the simulations are done; PLS-CADD allows to generate custom reports based on the results obtained previously.

PLS-CADD modelling requires a high level of expertise and has a huge demand for utility mapping projects. DIELMO3D has the required experience and knowledge providing these kind of products (more than 100.000km of experience in utility mapping); becoming a reliable partner for accurate and value-added products and services.

Algorithms DIELMO3D

Internal 100% customizable software for corridor mapping projects

From our experience with LiDAR data processing and software development, we have created our own set of internal tools. These tools and algorithms are 100% customizable for each project, bringing us the possibility of adapting our results and workflow to each client’s requirement and consequently to provide high accurate products and very competitive costs.

Online Management


Dielmo3D offers exclusive solutions to access, manage and work with online LiDAR and GIS data from utility mapping projects. Thanks to our web portals and servers, any dataset and information from your power line project will be accessible at one-click-distance. 3D point cloud views, profiles, measurements, asset detection, vegetation management analysis, online reports… do not miss the opportunity of accessing to all your data remotely in a customized geoportal.

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