Cartographic Services


Thanks to our experience in gis applications, remote sensing and LiDAR mapping, we can offer you a wide range of geospatial solutions and custom cartographic services. We provide you with the best geospatial data and analysis, using both imagery already available (archive data) or new imagery surveys (UAVs, Drone, Helicopter, plane, satellite).


We generate your own cartographic services and customized solutions adapted to your specifications:

LiDAR Point Cloud

Aerial Images

Satellite Imagery


Photogrammetry Services & GIS Mapping

Customized photogrammetry and mapping restitution services from Imagery and LiDAR

Get the most accurate and high quality photogrammetry services from a reliable partner with experience in more than 20 countries. Since 2003, we work together with survey & Engineering companies providing to them custom solutions for each project and client worldwide.

Advanced mapping projects require highly experienced & reliable technical teams.

  • Reliable and experienced team since 2003
  • More than 1 million Ha of  2D & 3D mapping at highest resolutions

DEM and Contour lines generation

Digital Terrain Models (DTM) and Digital Surface Models (DSM) from LiDAR and imagery


DIELMO3D offers a wide range of Elevation models obtained from LiDAR and imagery. Thanks to our exclusive interpolation method we provide high accurate Digital Elevation Models, DTM and DSM at very competitive pricing.


Orthophotos generation from photogrammetric surveys

High quality and accurate orthophoto generation from imagery & LiDAR for any survey platform (UAV /drones, helicopters, planes, satellite or mobile mapping)

  • Reliable and experienced team since 2003
  • Aerotriangulation and seamlines manual edition
  • Perfect matching with LiDAR data provided
  • Choose your ortho (quickdrop or “technical”)

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