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DielmoOpenLiDAR is an open source software with GNU GPL license based in gvSIG for the management of LiDAR data. 

Core functionalities

Dielmo Open LiDAR
  • Access and visualization of high volumes of LiDAR data (LAS/BIN)
  • LiDAR point cloud analysis, measurements and edition.
  • QC of LiDAR acquisitions (points density, flight lines ...)
  • Customized LiDAR projects generation and configuration.

Description and download

Access, visualization, analysis and QC for LiDAR data. DielmoOpenLiDAR allows to display high volumes of original LiDAR data simultaneously togeteher with other geospatial information (vectors, Raster, imagery ...). It supports LAS and XYZ format.

 Dielmo Open LiDAR 

By developing Open Source software for the management of LiDAR data, we hope to make this technology more accessible to standard GIS users and scientific communities, with the final objective of increasing the use of LiDAR data.

For developing this application, we collaborated with the Regional Valencia Council for Infrastructures and Transportation - CIT and National Geographic Institute of Spain - IGN.

Download DielmoOpenLiDAR 2.0
(includes gvSig 1.1.2 compatible version)

PACKAGE download- DielmoOpenLiDAR 2.0

More downloads

  • Installation guide - DielmoOpenLiDAR
  • User manual - DielmoOpenLiDAR
  • Advanced users/more downloads DielmoOpenLiDAR



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Extra information

We'd welcome the opportunity to answer any questions about our Open Source software developments for LiDAR, or demonstrate live some things that interest you. Feel free to contact us here.
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