Satellite Imagery and Mapping services

Photogrammetry surveying and aerial images for mapping

Development of a Satellite Imagery Service or  programming new purchases from any Satellite Imagery to generate cartography services. We offer assessment to determinate which is the best suited to your needs. From our experience of working in the detection field, we can make any type of processing to simplify your work with aerial images.

  • Initial research to the study area
  • Search for Satellites Images
  • Programming Satellite Imagery in areas where there is no  avalaible images
  • Technical advice and Project Management
  • Final Products Generation and Develop Customized Solutions (ortophotos, restitution, etc.)
  • Adapted to the different mamagement formats based on the needs of a variety of customers

Mapping Services from imagery

Cartographic and photogrammetric services generated from imagery (available or new acquisitions)

Thanks to a wide experience in gis applications, remote sensing and LiDAR mapping, we can offer you a wide range of geospatial solutions and custom cartographic services. We provide you with the best geospatial data and analysis, using both imagery already available (archive data) or new imagery surveys (UAVs, Drone, Helicopter, plane, satellite)

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Cartographic Services

Geospatial services and custom cartographic products generation from imagery and LiDAR.