Road mapping

Utility and rail corridor mapping and maintenance with LiDAR data

Road mapping analysis and Inventory from LiDAR Mobile data and Aerial.  Advanced LiDAR dat aprocessing to generate accurate iformation for engineering studies applied to road maintenance and road safety (geometry, inventory, sight distance, different speed profiles, danger areas, 3D analysis, etc.)

  • Accurate Digital Elevation Model (DEM)  and contour lines
  • Road Geometry Data
  • 3D and 2D cartography in multiple formats
  • Road inventory & maintenance
  • Bridges and other engineering features vectorization
  • Road Safety analysis (critical points, visibility, risk, etc.)

As-built modelling

3D as-built modelling and vectorization for structures, roads or buildings

Generation of complete 3D as-built models with cm accuracy using mobile or terrestrial LiDAR data. The goal is to design in 3 dimensions the existing infrastructures, and to use this information in further engineering projects  (infrastructure modelling, road mapping, BIM, structures, utilities…)

  • 3D briges
  • Road axis
  • Road features
  • Buildings
  • Walls
  • Pillars
  • Railways
  • Power lines
  • Other features…

Results are provided in vector/CAD format.

Road Safety 3D

Real 3D sight distances and visibility analysis on roads

Together with INPROAUDIT engineering, Dielmo3D  has developed an exclusive analysis for real visibility in 3D directly on LiDAR point clouds. These algorithms use mobile LiDAR data to obtain and measure real distances from/to any scanned feature.

  • Speed profiles
  • Sight distances analysis
  • Critical points and areas
  • Risk detection on existing infrastructures

Road engineering and geometry

Road geometry and 3D modelling for engineering applications

Together with INPROAUDIT engineering, Dielmo3D has developed a new methodology to obtain geometric descriptions for road maintenance using both airborne and mobile LiDAR data. Contact us for more information!

  • Road geometry
  • 2D & 3D mapping
  • Road axis
  • Technical profiles
  • Engineering designs
  • Custom analysis

Inventory and road maintenance

Road inventory from LiDAR mobile and imagery

Generation of complete and custom road inventories for different aplications (engineering, safety, etc.) both from airborne and LiDAR mobile data. Thanks to  the accuracy of the laser scanning datasets, our team of experts can obtain valuable and high accurate information for road engineering (3D road design, bridges design, breaklines, etc.) as well as for safety applications ( sight distances, speed profiles, areas of risk, etc.)

  • Update of existing information
  • Road engineering designs
  • High accurate analysis

Online road management

Online road mapping platform and tools

DIELMO’s online LiDAR Cloud tools and Geoportals allow engineers, technicians and users to access and play with their own data remotely in user friendly environments. We build centralized databases and custom environments where to manage, display (2D & 3D), measure, share and analyze any available information (Raster, LiDAR, GIS, imagery or files). Host your valuable data and results at one-click distance!

  • Custom Geoportals for road mapping
  • Online LiDAR, Vector and Raster data
  • GIS & LiDAR tools avalaible (3D pointclouds & profiles)
  • Centralized database
  • Smart data searches
  • Security platform and content manager

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