LiDAR Open Source software

Open Source tools to use LiDAR data in GIS platforms and Web

With the development of free software for the LiDAR data handling we hope to bring the use of this technology for any type of GIS user, with the aim of promote and spread its use.

  • DielmoOpenLiDAR 2.0 – Display, analysis and “QC” LiDAR in GvSIG
  • LiDAR ToolBox – 3D Online Visor , measurements and profiles for LiDAR
  • LiDAR Packs Open Source for Hec-RAS
  • LiDAR Packs Open Source for Cadastre

Dielmo Open LiDAR 2.0

Visualization, analysis and “QC” LiDAR inside GvSIG

DielmoOpenLiDAR is an open source software with GNU GPL license based in gvSIG for the management of LiDAR data. DielmoOpenLiDAR allows to display high volumes of original LiDAR data simultaneously togeteher with other geospatial information (vectors, Raster, imagery …). It supports LAS and XYZ format.

  • Access and visualization of high volumes of LiDAR data (LAS/BIN)
  • LiDAR point cloud analysis, measurements and edition.
  • QC of LiDAR acquisitions (points density, flight lines …)
  • Customized LiDAR projects generation and configuration.


Work online with your own LiDAR data thanks to LiDAR ToolBoX

Visualization tools, 2D & 3D point cloud display, measurements, profiles downloads…. we provide our clients with a “LiDAR ToolBox” for they can get the most out of their own LiDAR data & GIS information from anwhere.

  • 3D point cloud display
  • 2D & 3D point cloud measurement
  • Profiles tool
  • Data download by tiles and custom areas

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LiDAR Cloud

Remote access to Web GIS & LiDAR online data. Cloud services, 3D visualization and online tools (by DielmoServerTechnology).

LiDAR cloud