LiDAR data processing “basics”

DEM, elevation maps, contour lines generation and more lidar data processing services

DIELMO3D offers a wide range of LiDAR data processing services, from “LiDAR Basics” such as Digital Elevation Models or contour lines, to advanced geospatial analysis and custom LiDAR mapping solutions. We are constantly working on new algorithms and geospatial innovations to always offer the best solution to our clients.

Our exclusive methodology based in interpolation methods together with our customized developments allow us to offer leading global products which reduce costs and delivery times.

  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance of the original data.
  • LiDAR pointcloud classification.
  • Elevation Models (DEM, DTM and DSM)
  • High detailed 3D Cartography 3D and 2D mapping at different levels.
  • Smooth Contour Lines generation at different levels.
  • Key features vectorisation and analysis (bridges, buildings, etc.)
  • GIS Web Services.
  • Advanced LiDAR Mapping services (utilities, hydraulics, corridor mapping)

High accurate LiDAR mapping services

LiDAR Mapping and survey from airborne, UAV Drone and mobile.

Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

Digital Terrain Model (MDT) and Surface Model (DSM) generation from LiDAR & photogrammetry.


Exclusive Interpolation method for Digital Elevation Models generation (DEM)

LiDAR data classification

Custom LiDAR point cloud classification

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