Flood modelling

Riverbed corrections, DEM hydrology and flood maps from lidar bathymetry

We are experts in Digital Elevation Models (DEM) generation for flood modelling, hydrology and bathymetric projects. The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and/or Digital Surface Model generated (DSM) are generated using LiDAR data and/or imagery. DIELMO3D provides the service of final products generation both from existing LiDAR data or imagery and new LiDAR survey.

Our experience and exclusive interpolation method for DEM generation allow us to offer customized and high quality products for bathymetry, hydrology and flood modelling among others.

  • LiDAR Bathymetry LiDAR to hydraulic study
  • DTM  with/without bridges and with/without buildings.
  • 2D/3D Cartography in many formats and different scales
  • Smoothing Contour Lines adapted to the level of detail required.
  • Vectorization of elements (bridges, buildings, etc.)
  • Surface Models and Intensity Images

DTM and DSM for flood modelling

Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and Surface Model (DSM) specific for flood modelling analysis.

LiDAR Bathymetry and Riverbed correction

Riverbed correction and LiDAR bathymetry for rivers and coastlines


Interpolation by DIELMO3D

Exclusive interpolation method for hydraulics


Open source software developments

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